“All Mail” is not shown in IMAP, what should I do?

in Troubleshooting

If “All Mail” is hidden from IMAP, Newton cannot access your emails. Here’s how you can fix it:

  1. Login to Gmail
  2. Click on Options (the gear icon to the top right corner)
  3. Click on “Settings” from the list
  4. Go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab
  5. Check “Enable IMAP” under IMAP Access. (if IMAP is already enabled, you’re all good. Continue with step 6)
  6. Go to “Labels” tab
  7. Check “Show in IMAP” next to “All Mail” (if your Gmail is not in English, you’ll have to look for “All Mail” equivalent)

Within few minutes of enabling this option, you should start seeing emails in Newton.

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